Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The lovely list

Another year, another list of things I'm loving about my girls:

"Pesto Pestering" - yes they actually love pesto pasta and pester me to make it whenever they spot herbs that vaguely resemble basil.

"Yum, My Favourite" - mushrooms are my little one's favourite food apparently. The big one prefers capsicum. Both are very happy to eat veges and fruit and I'm not complaining.

"Let's Be Matching" - the 4yo is fashion stylist for the 3yo and often insists on wearing the same dress as her little sis. Good thing too since I am a lover of kids fashion and often buy the same clothes in a few sizes!

"Just Like Caillou" - who knew a bald French-Canadian cartoon character would be so inspirational? Caillou is responsible for us planting carrots, cutting out paper snowflakes, visiting the dentist, lines such as "aye, aye Capper", an appreciation for leaf jumping and begging to toast marshmallows when we go camping (not very likely).

"Look, a Mistake" - spotting errors and inconsistencies in their fav shows/movies is a new past-time thanks to dad.

"I'm Floppy" - now it's mum who craves a siesta since they both do not like napping no matter how "floppy" they are. Luckily long drives in the car after functions often result in refreshing catnap for all (except dad).

"Zumba, Zumba, Zumba" - they reluctantly let me attend an evening Zumba class once a week but happily fetch my zumba shoes (joggers) and chant "zumba, zumba, zumba" (a la conga style) to see me off.

"Tiffany Blue" - they think any shade of turquoise is called 'Tiffany blue' and will nicely match all the Tiffany/Paris decor in their room. Proudly and entirely my fault.


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